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997.2 (2010+) GT3 EVOMSit Software
Product Type: Software
Application: 2010+ 997 GT3

Price:$ 995

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Dyno tuned and tested with SharkWerks' 2010 GT3 Project Car, EVOMSit software will add 12 RWHP and 10 ft-lb torque with no other modifications required.

Dyno test:

Top to bottom shown are:
-EVOMSit Software with SharkWerks Track Exhaust
-EVOMSit Software only
-Factory stock 2010 GT3

The tuning involves a more aggressive fuel map, timing advance optimization for specific grades of fuel, and a more responsive accelerator pedal.

A summary:
With software only, the 2010 GT3 went from 392 RWHP to 404 RWHP at the peak. The car gained about this much horsepower for most of its RPM range.

The car gained over 10 ft-lb of torque at its peak around 6600 RPM and more torque throughout the RPM range.

With the exhaust and software, the gains were higher, bringing it up to 414 RWHP at the peak (22 RWHP net gain), more torque at the peak, and a large gain in torque between 3700 and 5400 RPMs.

Video of dyno run:

IST (Intelligent Switching Technology™):

IST is an OEM feature that is built into the factory ECU and allows for automatic switching of ignition timing maps based upon input received from other engine sensors. Available for certain EVOMSit performance programs, the EVOMSit IST programming incorporates this intelligence for true and safe flexible power without compromise. The EVOMSit ECU tuning utilizes the multiple OEM ignition tables that are progressively staged and we modify them to our performance specifications, which can optimize safe performance based upon outside conditions and different octane fuels. The ECU automatically switches to the best-suited ignition map creating an automatic “race mode” if race fuel is utilized. This IST function is always active and will switch automatically without having to make any physical changes. IST is far more intelligent than any manual switcher found on the market. The use of manual switchers can cause serious engine damage if accidentally switched to a “race mode” without having adequate octane levels in the car. This manual type of switching technology physically locks the timing map and can over ride the ECU’s ability to protect itself if unfavorable conditions arise. This manual switching is archaic considering that OEM ECU has the ability to analyze conditions and switch timing maps automatically. EVOMSit with IST is the intelligent way to utilize ECU timing map switching.

SP (Sport Pedal™):

All E-Gas (drive by wire) cars from model year 2000 and newer have an electronic throttle valve, which is controlled by the cars ECU. Available in certain EVOMSit performance programs, EVOMSit Sport Pedal™ (SP) feature changes the ratio of accelerator pedal movement verses opening of the throttle valve which will increase throttle response. By modifying these maps in the ECU calibration, throttle response is drastically improved and the “throttle delay” which is a common complaint among enthusiasts is eliminated.

If you prefer not to remove your ECU and send it to us we also sell an EVOMSit TuneIT kit for $379 as an alternative method that allows you to perform the software upgrade via your OBDII/diagnostic port for your convenience. Requires the use of a PC Laptop & a 12volt battery charger.

There is more about the EVOMSit software tuning process here.

** We still recommend the SharkWerks GT3 Bypass Exhaust for street use. This exhaust does not lose torque below 3500 RPMs and is much more suitable for a car that is driven regularly.

Behind the Scene EVOMSit Tuning Video:

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