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EVOMSit Panamera TT Software Kit
Product Type: Software
Application: Panamera

Price:$ 3000

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Evolution MotorSports Engine Performance System for the Panamera Turbo improves engine power and torque for impressive performance gains. The stock 4.8L twin turbo engine with 500 HP is increased to 580 HP with the OEM integrated sports button. Engine torque is also increased from 516 lb.-ft. to 605 lb.-ft which dramatically improves acceleration and overall engine performance. Additionally, in normal engine performance mode, power is increased to 550 HP and 575 TQ:

Product Highlights:
· Significant Increases to horsepower and torque
~50 HP & ~60 + lb/ft. TQ – Normal Engine Performance Mode
~80 HP & ~40 + lb/ft. TQ – Sports Plus Engine Performance Mode
· Improves overall engine performance
· Always activated and integrates seamlessly into the OEM electronics / performance mode buttons
· Easy “Plug and Play” installation with ZERO modifications to any OEM component
· 100% reversible at anytime without any traces of the car being modified
· Extensively tested and performance verified during dyno simulation and real world driving conditions
· Tested safe on both 91 octane and 93 octane fuels
· Does not interfere with OEM diagnostics or dealer service
· Does not disable any of the OEM electronic engine safety features

The heart of the Evolution MotorSports engine performance System is the EVOMSit Intelligent Engine Control Module (ICM). The ICM integrates seamlessly to improve the power and torque of the turbocharged Panamera and Cayenne engines. Fitting the ICM is simply made through a “plug and play” wire harness with OEM connectors for a trouble-
free installation.

EVOMS Panamera Turbo being tested on the dyno:

Note: This does not work on the 2012 and newer Panamera Turbo models at this time. Please visit back soon for updates.

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