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Guard Limited Slip Differential
Product Type: Transmission
Application: 2006 - 2008 Cayman S / Boxster S  |   2009 - 2012 Cayman S / Boxster S / Spyder Cayman GT4 & 981

Price:$ 2895

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Guard Transmission LSDs are the industry standard in high performance Porsche differentials. We have exclusively used GT Gears for all of our LSD & gearing needs for over 10 years whether it be on our own GT3RS personal R&D cars or indeed many of our GT3/RS, Cayman, GT2 builds. Our GT4 in particular was outfitted from the factory with a weak stock LSD unit that is known to wear out. With the additional power being made on our build we utilize the much-improved & beefier Guard unit to help lay the power down.

50/50 locking factor. 4 plates per side for a total of 8 plates. Moderate pre-load to make it manageable on the street and have good lifespan of internals, but still gives really good bite when driven hard on the track or backroads.

Special order item & takes 2-3weeks

Their CNC billet 4340 chromoly bodies are unrivaled for strength and durability. Their assymetrical ramps and proprietary clutches allow for the adjustability and tunability to suit the needs of the weekend track day junkie or pro-race team alike. Guard continues to spend the many a race season working closely with race teams to gain pro level racing experience to trickle down to the PCA Club Racers and DE drivers. We don’t just ship you a “one size fits all” specification or make LSDs for 2 dozen different marques. Each LSD sold is stacked and configured for a single specific customer taking into account your exact chassis, as well as skill and power levels and is backed by 2 decades of transmission experience focused on Porsches and their specific needs. When ordering please specify ratios/usage desired.

Pro – High Strength, hardened 4340 Chromoly billet, 8620 cover, multi disc, Pro+ is 100% 8620 billet

Video of SharkWerks GT4 on DRIVETRIBES

SharkWerks GT4 DRIVEtribe Video

About Guard
Guard Transmission began as a “behind the scene” supplier of performance transmission components, yet over time we have become quite well known worldwide among Pro racers and transmission builders who specialize in 911-based race cars.
October 10th 1999, was the turning point for our company (and a great race day for Porsche), with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place cars in the GT class of the American Le Mans race at Laguna Seca utilizing our gears and differentials. Ou components have remained in the top GT Pro cars ever since, including all ALMS, Pro Am, and SCCA series GT winners; 2001, 2002, and 2003 Daytona 24-hour winning GT class cars (including the 2003 overall winner); and a large percentage of top club race cars nationwide.

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