2003 996 C4S EVOMSit Software, EVO Intake & Cargraphic Exhaust

You can't get more classic than a Polar Silver 996 C4S and the owner of this prime 2003 example came by for our bolt-on power kit, which included the EVOMSit Software (tuned for 91 octane), the EVOMS V-Flow intake system, the IPD Plenum and a Cargraphic Exhaust.

Here she is ready to go under the knife:

Out comes the factory airbox, throttlebody and stock plenum in preparation for the IPD Plenum kit:

In she goes:

And completed now with the V-Flow intake:

Next up, we remove the quiet factory exhaust:

Migrate the tips over to the Cargraphic:

And ready to go home!

Here's what she sounds like with the Cargraphic Sport Exhaust: