2005 997 with Tubi Exhaust, TechArt Type 1 Aero & LED DRL, LWF and Intake

This black 2005 997 Carrera originally came into us for an exhaust upgrade in the form of the fantastic-sounding Tubi as well as a couple of subtle TechArt Type 1 aero parts including their roof wing spoiler (in carbon fiber) and the Type 1 wing.

There she is awaiting surgery:

The Tubi exhaust saves about 30 pounds of weight off the back but what's really impressive is the sound. Nothing else sounds quite like it!

The TechArt Type 1 wing is painted black to match and shown here installed with the decklid in its raised position:

The TechArt roof wing is a nice touch and especially in carbon fiber on a black car:

Here's the rear end TechArt treatment:

And now ready to go home after a few hours of surgery...