2005 997S Stage II With TechArt Type 1 AeroKit and TechArt Formula Wheels

This 2005 Black 997S came in for a full TechArt Type 1 make-over and power-boost. For power upgrades we chose the EVO headers, Intake and software tune with a Fabspeed exhaust.

The restrictive stock 997S headers get replaced with the EVO units which feature longer-tube equal length runners and a venturi collector.

On goes the TechArt front aero lip.

The TechArt side skirt kit gives the side a much more aggressive look:

The Type 1 rear wing is a subtle addition and suits any narrow body especially:

Over to the inside and we installed the TechArt pedal (and dead pedal) kit:

In goes the EVO short shifter kit and an MACarbon carbon fiber rear main center console:

The awesome sounding and performing EVOMS V-Flow intake installed:

There she is on 20 inch TechArt Formulas (in silver) ready to go home as another white 997 comes in for surgery: