2005 997S Tubi Exhaust and headers, EVO VFlow, IPD, EVOMSit software & PSS

The owner of this Lapis Blue 2005 Carrera S had a few goals with his freshly acquired Porsche: better acceleration, better handling, and an exterior makeover to correct some of the wear left by the previous owner.

He had the car sent all the way from Texas to our shop in northern California by an auto transport company, and planned to drive the car some 2000 miles back home once we finished with it.

As you can see, the car was a bit dirty upon arrival from its previous owner:

The first order of business was to install Bilstein's Damptronic PASM compatible coil over kit and RSS sway bars:

For more horsepower, we started with the IPD plenum:

Then we added the EVOMS V-Flow intake.

Next, the car was fitting with a Tubi exhaust and Tubi headers.

Since the car spent most of its life near the Gulf of Mexico, there was plenty of rust on the OEM stainless steel components, making removal a bit tricky:

James gently worked the header bolts until all were removed, and the OEM headers came off the car:

Since the Tubi uses the factory catalytic converters and tips, the whole rusty exhaust system had to be disassembled:

The fresh stainless steel Tubi headers prior to installation:

Muffler installed:

Header installed:

The full system at a glance. OEM catalytic converters are retained to avoid check engine lights and failures:

James hops into the interior and removes the OEM shifter:

The short shifter is installed to the OEM shifter housing for re-installation:

Finally the EVOMSit software is written to the stock ECU with a custom file that has been tuned specifically for this combination of parts and the 93-octane he could find at home:

Before the owner flew in to see our work, we arranged Bob Willis from Auto Concierge to receive the car and bring back its shine. Here are some pictures showing the condition before Bob started:

The trim was dry, the rubber and plastics were faded:

Visible scratches on quarter panel:

After wool pad correction:

And after foam pad compounding:

Bird dropping etch:

Cleaned up:

50/50 split photo:

Cleaning the wheel wheels:

Paintless dent removal to fix a fender flaw:

All shined up:

Interior cleaned, with EVOMS floor mats:

In the sun:

The trim after treatment:


Ready for pickup and a road trip back to Texas!