2005 997S With EVOMSit Software, EVOMS, Intake, Tubi Exhaust & Werks1 Plenum

This classic silver 2005 997S came into us for a power kit including the EVOMSit software, a Tubi exhaust system, the EVO V-Flow intake and Werks1 plenum.

Ready for surgery and with the decklid open you can see the factory airbox ready to be removed:

Out comes the intake:

The stock Plenum vs Werks1:

Plenum installed:

The V-Flow intake gets installed next:

Here's the factory exhaust system from underneath:

Off comes the heavier and quieter factory exhaust:

The lighter and louder Tubi system ready to go on:

One side installed:

The Tubi Exhaust show installed from underneath:

With the ECU removed, we then benchflash it and calibrate the car for 91 octane and improved throttle response:

Ready to go home...