2006 997S Stage II Bilstein Coil Overs & Kinesis F110 Wheels

This seal grey 2006 997S 6speed car came straight from the dealership for a full going over, including the EVOMSit software, IPD Plenum, EVO-Vlow intake, a full performance exhaust system, Bilstein PASM Coil overs and H&R sway bars. Is there more? Of course! A GT3 nose, tail and rear bumper as well as a set of TechArt side skirts coupled with a set of Kinesis F110 wheels give this car such a menacing look, which you've no doubt seen if you are local to the Bay Area (the owner is such an avid supporter and represents the fin!)

To kick things off for power we installed the RSS Plenum and the EVO V-Flow intake (sensing a pattern here folks!) as well as the EVOMSit software tuning for 91 octane:

Next up is the performance exhaust system:

A TechArt "thicker" steering wheel kit was also added:

To spruce up the interior we also added some very nice carbon accessories from the folks at MACarbon:

Here's the rear main center console done in carbon:

Next up are the door sills:

To the outside now... and a replica GT3 wing and rear bumper from "Misha" was also installed along with some dual tips:

On the front a factory GT3 nose was also installed:

On the side TechArt side skirts were also installed:

19 inch Kinesis F110 wheels were chosen:

A very important 5hp modification right there:

There she is ready to leave!:

There she is representing at the Concourso Italiano at Pebble Beach!