2007 997 GT3RS SharkWerks Project ZKERMIT 3.9L HRE C-21 Wheels

SharkWerks took delivery of a green 2007 997 GT3RS project car in the summer of 2007 and ever since then has gone on to be known as "ZKERMIT" and featured in several magazines as well as on TV. We got this RS with the full intent of tweaking what is already one of the purest modern-day Porsches. We weren't happy with the weight and sound of the stock exhaust so we fabricated our own bypass system which we now sell as a fully-fledged product. We also worked closely with HRE to custom-build some light weight C-21 19 inch wheels and changed the offsets to remove the factory spacers. We also went on to build the motor from a 3.6L to a 3.8L with our RS460 kit and more recently to a 500hp 3.9L Spec Engine.

Here she is featured on Speed Channel at Infineon Raceway:

Day 1 as she sits at our favorite local Porsche dealership (Carlsen)

A somewhat sad day as we roll in one project car only to release our trusty 996 project car...

There she is on the lift with an orange RS underneath also awaiting surgery after having gotten a fully-custom pretective film wrap from our good friends at Premier.

Off comes that rear bumper exposing the factory center exhaust section.

Here is the stock center section removed and side-by-side with our Muffler Bypass System below it. We managed to save 18 pounds and make the car sound more aggressive in the process albeit without any annoying resonance.

We installed our system using factory mounts.

Now over to the front as the front bumper cover gets removed as we vacuum out all of the road debris collected into the front radiator sections.

Using Cargraphic's radiator screen kit we now stop larger debris from entering and/or possibly from damaging the radiators themselves.

After working with HRE we saved about 5 pounds of weight per corner compared to the stock wheels and also changed the offsets to negate the factory spacer.

A shot from the rear! Custom satin black inside and out with a Pin-Stripe effect thanks to the boys at West Coast Choppers!

We also painted our rear intake shrouds in black.

The finished article (for now) from the outside.

In goes the SharkWerks fire extinguisher kit in "matching" green.

Here she is on display at our car show at the 2007 Danville D\'Elegance Car Show at the SharkWers/Premier booth.

And on her way to Santana Row where she regularily struts her stuff at the local car meet.

During the shoot for Speed Channel's Super Cars Exposed TV show:

Front cover shoot with SharkWerks 997GT3RS customer cars (Fred and James):

Dyno of ZKERMIT with 3.6L vs 3.8L SharkWerks motor build:

Perhaps the most famous shot (and wallpaper for many car lovers!) of any RS in the US thanks to Mike Maez from MLE:

And as you see her monthly magazines as the official "SharkWerks" advertisement:

A compilation video of ZKERMIT's amazing journey:

On the cover of Modified Luxury & Exotics:

On the cover of European Car Magazine:

On the cover of Excellence Magazine: