2008 997S SharkWerks LightWeight Flywheel, EVOMSit, Tubi & HRE Wheels

This 2008 white 997S came into us completely stock and left with a whole host of track-ready goodies including the SharkWerks light-weight flywheel conversion, EVOMSit software, Tubi Exhaust, and a set of light-weight HRE Competition wheels.

The "classic" before shot as she arrives for surgery:

Up she goes to tackle the transmission and exhaust first:

Out comes the transmission to get access to the factory dual mass flywheel:

The single mass flywheel saves 14 pounds:

A close up of the heavy and quiet factory system before it gets replaced with the Tubi system:

Out comes the factory intake system:

In goes the free-flowing and better-sounding EVOMS V-Flow unit:

The ECU is benchflashed with the EVOMSit software calibrated for 91 octane:

Out comes the rear main center console in preparation for the B&M short shifter kit:


The factory wheels before being replaced:

The HRE Competition C-93 wheels in brushed/clear finish:

In the rear:

And a close-up of the brushed/clear finish on the centers:

Ready to leave: