2008 Cayenne Twin Turbo, EVOMSit Software, Cargraphic front, interior upgrades

Here's a prime example of us Shark-a-fying a meteor grey DFI 2008 Cayenne TT project from Wisconsin today. The first order of business is to get some serious power boost from the EVOMSit software tuning:

For more on that process see here:
Because we wanted to keep things fairly quiet for this daily driver we used the Cargraphic secondary bypass cats only. We also removed the stock intakes:

And in goes EVOMS' twin V-Flow intake system as well:

On went the IPD/RSS plenum kit. Interestingly enough, Porsche obviously thinks Turbo-Mike's design is a good one because the stock plenum on the newer Cayennes looks much akin to the IPD design as far as a "plenum" is.

Engine covers etc... all back on:

With the power stuff out of the way we dressed her up a little with the Cargraphic front aerokit (including new fog lights, brake cooling ducsts etc.. and grills).

And painted the front section black...

With parts of the bumper off (fender liners etc...) it's slightly easier to access the stock side markers (otherwise a PIA) so we put some clears in as well:


The OEM 21 inch sport design wheels were a little scuffed so once repaired we had them powdercoated black as well (black wheel caps coming)

Over to the interior and we used Cargraphic's sport pedal kit:

And then TechArt's thicker custom steering wheel (with silver trim up top):

And now awaiting pick up...

Thanks to our buddies at EVOMS, RSS/IPD & Cargraphic and CEC/TechArt for all the goodies!