2008 Cayenne Twin Turbo Stage II, Tubi Exhaust & TechArt LED DRL

This white 2008 Cayenne Turbo came in for a full bolt-on performance kit including the EVOMSit software, EVO V-Flow intake and a Tubi Exhaust system. Also on tap was the TechArt LED day-time running light conversion kit.

In she comes:

The factory intake system is tackled first:

Out with those panel filters:

In goes the EVOMS unit:

Proper heat shielding:

Next up is the removal of the factory exhaust:

Off she comes:

The Tubi exhaust ready to go on:


Obviously lighter!

And installed:

Off comes the front bumper in order to install the TechArt day-time running lights and controllers:

The LED day-time running lights installed:

Ready to go home!