2008 Cayenne Twin Turbo Stage II with 22" Champion RS137 wheels

This DFI-based Cayenne TT came in for a few goodies. What can one expect? The owner is a lady who already owns a SharkWerks-prepped EVT700 997TT (also in white). On tap for this monster-truck was the EVOMSit Software tuning, the EVO V-Flow intakes, IPD Plenum, Cargraphic Exhaust and Lowering module as well as Champion 22-inch wheels.

There she is ready for surgery...

First things first, let's get her sounding good (see video at the end) with a Cargraphic exhaust system:

Exhaust installed...

Over to the engine bay where we tackled the intake and plenum:

The stock units are replaced with the IPD performance plenum and EVO V-Flow intake kit:

Next up is the EVOMSit software calibrated for 91 octane:

Something that's been exciting in our move to the EVOMSit is the ability to get tuning done on other vehicles that don't use the Bosch Motronic ECU, such as the Cayene TFSI cars including the 08 Twin Turbo and GTS, which use SIEMENS.

For the 2008 Cayenne Turbo TFSI engine, the EVOMSit performance software yields 65 HP / 86 TQ when optimized for 91 octane and 70 HP / 93 TQ when optimized for 93 octane. When coupled with an EVOMS V-Flow air induction system the power increased to 82 HP / 103 TQ (91 octane) and 91 HP / 110 TQ (93 octane).

There she is all finished, lowered and with more power...