2008 SharkWerks Outlaw 997 GT2 - EVOMS, Champion & Magnus Walker

In the summer of 2014 SharkWerks decided to go back to the future and snap-up a rare 2008 997 GT2 in white. With 520hp on tap the car was somewhat under-appreciated, misunderstood and so we thought we'd "bring it back"... With the help of some very good friends including Magnus Walker, Evolution Motorsports & Champion Motorsport we prodded, pried, changed, peeled and squeezed out our "Outlaw" GT2.


With EVOMS' EVT775 horsepower plans laid out for this Shark-GT2 we went a little retro-simple with a set of Champion RS 184 wheels:

On the lift she goes for the long haul and the start of the SharkWerks phase1:

Out comes the engine so the fun can begin!

Don't worry... James knows where everything goes:

In order to prevent the dreaded coolant pipe failure from happening we performed our fix to all seven locations and utilized the SharkWerks coolant pipe upgrade as well.

With the transmission off we installed our beefed up clutch pack to hold the additional power along with a light weight flywheel from the GT2RS:

Sometimes the factory gets it right and sometimes they create an intake manifold that is designed to flow exactly the amount of volume required for a stock GT2. The problem is our "Outlaw" wants more... So here's the upgraded (on the right) version vs stock (on the left):

Along with the improved intake manifold we also installed an IPD Competition plenum to fit up to the larger 82mm GT3 throttle body:

As part of the job of feeding more air to those larger turbos EVOMS turbo ducts make for less restriction:

Engine back in with the SharkWerks GT2 exhaust, the EVOMS headers and Cargraphic highflow catalysts.

A closer look at the EVOMS header system and the larger 68mm VTG turbos:

Additional improvement were made by using the EVOMS Clubsport intakercooler kit with less restrictive end tanks. The car was fine tuned on Evolution Motorsports' dyno with EVOMSit master Todd Zuccone:

The 4.0RS pulley for kicks and response:

Meanwhile on the outside... The front flares are added:

This was only the start of the transformation on the outside... Magnus Walker created an STR tribute, 80s Le Man-style privateer racer, blended with Porsche Hybrid Cup R schemed "Outlaw".

Upon completion she quickly went on to have a few adventures. The official "pick-up" was in SoCal at the Jay Leno's Garage HQ:

Welcome to another episode of Jay Leno's Garage:

Someone's got some explaining to do here!

Let's take a look underneath shall we...

The man himself taking her for a spin:

Did you hear the one about the Englishman, the Canadian and the Irishman?

Step inside our tartan office sir:

And in the Socal canyons shooting for the European Car Cover story with the 277:

Little and large:

If you got this far we thank you for flying with British Airways... or SharkWerks/Magnus Walker GT2-Rule Britannia...

Joe Rogan, Magnus Walker & Sharky discuss the "Outlaw" GT2: