2009 997 C4S Targa with SharkWerks Exhaust & EVOMSit Software

This Meteor Grey 2009 997 C4S Targa is a rare car indeed... This one came in for the Shark Werks 997.2 Exhaust System for a sportier sound and EVOMSit Software tuning for more power and sharper throttle response. This Stage II package results in about 25 WHP over stock as measured on our 2009 Carrera S PDK on an independent dyno. One hidden benefit of the EVOMSit software is that we can also tune the idle speed to eliminate vibrations associated with the PDK transmission when using aftermarket exhausts.

On the lift she goes and off with the stock exhaust:

This one came from the east coast, so after a bit of wrestling the rusty stock bolts, our exhaust was fitted:

Through the Targa, you can just make out the EVOMSit software flash being performed:


Isn't she beautiful?

Nice lines: