2009 997S Cab Stage 1 Power Kit with SharkWerks bypass and EVOMSit Software

This really neat basalt black 2009 997S Cab PDK car came in for a SharkWerks "powerboost", consisting of our own bypass exhaust system and EVOMSit software upgrade. The car had many unique bits that made it stand out from other 2009 cars we've seen so far.

Check out the yellow stitching, gauges and even sport chrono clock (not seen that before).

This one came in for the SharkWerks Center Exhaust and the EVOMSit software. On goes the exhaust...

Here we are flashing the ECU with the EVOMSit software:

The TechArt tips are going on later as well... This was first time we'd installed the system on a Cabriolet and I'm happy to report the results are the same aka _zero_ resonance. With it being a Cab and a PDK this particular car served as a "worst case scenario" for the resonance test.