2009 997S Stage 1 Power Kit & Suspension Mods, ECU and SharkWerks Bypass

This rare Macadamia-brown colored 2009 6-speed 997S came in for some upgrades, starting with the EVOMSit Software, our SharkWerks Center Exhaust, TechArt 997 springs and the RSS sway bar kit.

Here's the same TechArt Spring and RSS Sway bar kit that we run on our own ZTadpol car:

Rears being installed (drops the car 20mm)

James removing the exhaust

And our exhaust installed

And here's the tools again for the ECU flashing on these Siemens cars:

The stock exhaust:

Replaced with ours (only takes an hour):

There's that color and all lowered 20mm with the TechArt spring kit

And then finally some stock parts to take homehilarious