2009 Cayenne Twin Turbo S: EVOMSit Software & EVO V-Flow Intake, TechArt LED DRL

This 2009 Cayenne Twin Turbo S showed up for our Stage 1 performance upgrade including the EVOMSit software and the EVO V-Flow twin intake system. This combination of parts bumps the power to 611 hp and 608 ft-lb torque.

Here's the stock engine bay; notice the carbon fiber trim that comes with the "S" models:

Here we are removing some of the plastic panels to gain access to the stock airboxes:

And on the other side also:

Both airboxes removed:

The start of the assembly:

And the other side:

In go the silicone hoses:

Now over to the EVOMSit software. The Siemens TFSI based ECU is tuned for 91 octane: