2010 Porsche Panamera Turbo with HRE Wheels, TechArt Aerokit & Exhaust

This basalt black Panamera Turbo came in for a full-on TechArt menu including the Type 1 Aerokit, the TechArt Exhaust and some HRE P40 Monoblok wheels.

A close-up of the black HRE Monoblok P40 21 inch wheels:

A front view of the TechArt Aerokit 1 front lip installed:

A close-up of the TechArt Type 1 rear wing and roof spoiler:

A side profile showing the TechArt side skirt kit, rear diffuser and tips:

With the TechArt exhaust installed here's a quick sound-clip of the results:

Delivered back to the owner at our local Porsche dealership:

And now being shown at a local car club meet (notice the TechArt tail pipes):