2011 997 Carrera GTS with PSE & SharkWerks Exhaust

This gorgeous 2011 Carrera GTS Cab in Aqua blue stopped by Shark Werks for a brief visit. It's a nice looking car in this color, and as you can see it's well optioned with PCCBs and interior upgrades.

Also it features the Porsche Sport Exhaust or PSE for short. The owner wanted a more aggressive sound, as even with the PSE the car's a bit tame. Luckily our 997.2 exhaust upgrade also works with the PSE, allowing the sport exhaust to be "turned up" with a deeper tone and even more power.

The PSE tips are removed:

In goes the Shark Werks center exhaust:

The stock center piece is set aside:

This system allows you to retain the factory PSE side mufflers and the exhaust Sport button still works, so you can quietly sneak around without waking the neighbors and when the Sport button is pressed, the car really comes to life now:

And here she is ready for the trip home:

The dropped top: