2011 997.2 GT3RS 4.0 Sharkafied, Sharkwerks Exhaust, Camshaft Adjuster Fix, Coolant Fix & LSD Upgrade

The 4.0 GT3RS is a rare breed and most folks assume should just be left alone. Having said that almost all the 4.0's we've serviced since 2011 end up leaving sounding that bit better with the Shark Werks Sport exhaust which replaces the facotry center section (and still lighter!) and continues to use the on-board valve system for quiet and party modes. To remain stealthy and stock-looking our exhaust allows you to bolt-on the factory tips (although some folks prefer the large 88mm's we have). But back to leaving well enough alone.... Whilst we agree that's one way to own 4.0, the other way is to actually drive it (as our chum Mooty does) over the course of its life. In order to do that this 4.0 version of the famed Mezger GT3 engine also needs to be future-proofed and fixed the same was as any other 996 or 997 based GT3 engine. First and foremost an engine out service is required to do the full Shark Werks Coolant pipe fix along with our replacement hose kit, our Shark Werks coolant pipes, water pump, thermostat, spark plugs etc... With the engine out we also perfomed our camshaft actuator fix as per the 4.1 engine builds. This failure has been occuring more and more as the 997.2 GT3 RS 3.8 and 4.0 engines have aged and from our engine building experience we have come up with a proper solution to address this and ensure thse special engines keep on running safely. With an upgraded Guard LSD unit and some very trick BBS' this is without a doubt on of the best driving (and safest) 4.0 RS' we know of and it won't be dripping and coolant on or off track either.