2011 997.2 GT3RS Shark Werks 4.1 Engine Superman / Washington Commission

You don't see many Aqua Blue / red spec 997.2 GT3RS' so we're super-jazzed to be able to get that Sharkwerks 4.1 badge on the right rear of the decklid of this superhero. Coming in from Washington this Superman spec car is now out-fitted with the full Sharkwerks 4.1L engine conversion. As with all of our 4.1 engines we performed our coolant fix, camshaft adjuster fix and installed all new factory hoses. With the upgraded 4.0RS clutch/flywheel balanced to the crank she can be driven just the same as a factory car. 

Before she was sent back to the PAC-NW she was put through her paces for 500 miles of break-in playing the usual Sharkwerks exhaust sound-track.