2011 Cayenne Turbo with SharkWerks Bypass Exhaust, EVOMSit & IPD Plenum

This local and daily-driven 2011 Cayenne Twin Turbo came into us for an improved exhaust note so we installed the SharkWerks Bypass Exhaust. Also on tap was a performance boost from the EVOMSit performance kit and the IPD Plenum.

The stock engine bay:

Close-up of the stock plenum:

Stock vs IPD:

And installed:

The EVOMSit control unit ready to be installed:

With the car on the lift off come the belly pans to give you access to the factory secondary cats:

off they come:

SharkWerks pipes ready to be installed:

Installation is per the factory units as our system also uses the factory-style hangers:

Ready to go home: