2011 Shark Werks 4.1L 997 GT3RS, Forgeline Wheels, Bilstein Clubsports

The SharkWerks 2011 997 GT3RS lived life as a 3.8L stage 1 car for only a couple of months before we quickly decided to use what we had learned together from the 3.9 engine program and progess even further to develop a 4.1L engine solution for the mk2 3.8 platform. With over 2.5 years worth of R&D, improvements, testing and fine tuning we have what we feel is certainly the most fun, naughty and smooth running GT3 engine we have ever built. Coupled with our transmission re-build with shorter gears and many chassis upgrades this car has everything but the kitchen sink. The car has been widely covered and reviewed by industry professionals and featured on Jay Leno's Garage, The Smoking Tire and gone on to be on the cover of Excellence Magazine and Panorama Magazine & Total 911. It's not for everyone but here's a sample of how we got there....

Cover shot for Total 911 Magazine:

Here's the car back in December of 2011 getting ready to go from an EVOMSit tuned 3.8L up to our 4.1 spec:

Out comes the engine:

Although she has no engine the EVOMS crew together with SharkWerks is plotting...

Stock connecting rods, crank and other internals. All very good in their own right but not being used for the 4.1 engine:

Won't be needing these:

The billet light-weight crank ready with new rods all part of that different stroke:

Down to the case half. We've got your clevite bearings, boat-tailing, shuffle-pinning and other fun techniques going on here:

The stud kit:

4.1 bottom end starting to take shape:

New rods and studs:
Pressing on:

In go the larger and lighter pistons:

Upgraded headgasket:

Close-up of some of the headwork:

Timing the performance camshafts:

Cam adjuster upgrade and other fixes:

SharkWerks' chief engine-ologist and the man behind the engine, James Hendry:

Almost done:

Coolant fix applied:

Performance clutch/flywheel:

Ready to go back in the car with 4.1L this time:

Engine going back in a lot like it came out only lighter inside and larger too!

We're back!

SharkWerks exhaust-ing it:

But we will run our street exhaust system along with the EVOMS headers:

The engine bay (without the optional carbon fiber intake):

And now with our 4.0-style carbon intake system. You can see the larger size inlets:

Ask any one of these guys here and they will tell you that you do NOT need a 4.1:

One more marking and worth 5hp more:

This picture was taken many times from different angles, over many days and weeks at EVOMS' facility with Todd and his Emulator fine tuning the 4.1 software on their dyno, the streets of AZ and then California.

Making 540hp and around 400tq!

Todd Zuccone and his myriad of Matrix-like skills and EVOMSit tools making sure we not only make power but do so safely on 91, 93 and/or 100 octane. Adjusting a plethora of 3D maps in real-time. Alex@Sharkwerks data logging in the passenger seat:

Some of the little details that make the Forgeline GA1-R wheels so light:

The rear on the scales:

And fronts which make for a total weight saving of 21 pounds vs the stock wheels!

The Forgeline GA1-R wheels, 4.0 dive planes:

The BaronRS+3 larger uprights not only gives you an actual use for rear view mirror but with cleaner air too!

Over to the chassis:

The RSS Tarmac links installed:

And the PASM is nuked in favor of the Bilstein Clubsport double adjustable suspension:

Compression and rebound is adjusted independently:

Jay Leno behind the wheel and testing:

Ian Kuah testing the 4.1 for the cover story of Excellence Magazine:

Carving up some NorCal mountain roads with a Honda shirt:

Magnus Walker has a go in DTLA:

And on the NBC's web site getting ready for Jay Leno's Garage:


And a video by BrianZuk of her in action: