2012 911 Black Edition: SharkWerks Exhaust, EVOMSit & Numeric Shifter

This charming 2012 911 Black Edition (in manual no less!) came into us already nicely optioned from the factory. Even with the on-board Porsche Sport Exhaust we like to utilize our center exhaust section for an even better sound. The Numeric short shifter unit was installed for improved feel/directness. Finally for a bit more power we retuned the ECU for 91octane via the EVOMSit software.

In she comes:

A few different markings:

The factory PSE Exhaust:

Out comes the center section:

A little more restrictive and considerably quieter:

On goes the SharkWerks exhaust:

The factory shifter unit with all of its plastic imprecision vs the billet Numeric (which is also adjustable):

And installed:

Stock shifter boot goes back over and you wouldn't know it's there:

Finally the EVOMSit software is installed for additional power and response:

Ready to go home: