2012 997 Carrera GTS (6speed) with PSE & SharkWerks Exhaust

We like our "blue 911s" here at SharkWerks and this 2012 Carrera GTS happens to be of the Midnight Blue variety. Not only is it a 6speed version but it comes equipped standard with the Porsche Sport Exhaust (PSE) which means there's still some room for improvement.

In she comes:

There's the factory center exhaust section (also 9 pounds heavier than our version), which is exactly the same as on any 997.2 Carrera model (with or without PSE):

No bumper removal is necessary and on goes the SharkWerks exhaust system mounting up to the existing factory mounts:

Ready to go home!

A quick demo of the sound with the SharkWerks Exhaust: