2012 997 Carrera GTS with PSE & SharkWerks Exhaust

This special Carrera GTS was ordered PTS (paint-to-sample) in Blue Turquoise (3AS) with red belts and gauges as well as the sport bucket seats and driven by a 6speed too! Already outfitted with the PSE (Porsche Sport Exhaust) it was given a more aggressive exhaust note with the SharkWerks Exhaust.

The blue goes with a few of the other fruit loops in the shop that day:

On the lift she goes:

Once up in the air here's a shot of the souped up 9A1 engine and the three piece PSE exhaust:

The center section is what's about to be replaced. This piece is the same one as found on any 2009+ 997.2 and on the inside has two sharp (and restrictive) 180 degree bends. Straighten those out and you get better flow and sound.

And here's your lighter, louder and better flowing replacement:

Off with the factory unit!

And installed with the PSE again (and you can re-use the factory tips):

Ready to go home:

And a quick clip of the start up: