2013 991 Carrera 3.4 for Shark Werks Sport Exhaust

The owner of this beautiful silver Carrera has several customizations planned for his car, so for today we started simple with our Shark Werks 3.4L Sport Exhaust, which gives the car a sound similar to that found on the PSE-equipped Carrera S models.

In she comes:

On the lift, we have to remove a few nuts, loosen a few more, and remove the tips:

About 10-minutes later, the stock center exhaust is removed from the car:

Then the Shark Werks exhaust is installed onto the factory header studs and side mufflers:

Luckily this is one of the simplest exhausts to install, about 30-minutes and the car's all done!

The result is more bark when you press the accelerator, a slightly raspier and more aggressive tone, with occasional pops and gurgles when shifting. About 7 pounds are removed from the rear end. It's the easiest way to modify the sound of the car and since we recommend leaving the stock catalyst and headers, this ensures there are no check engine lights or issues in all 50-states.

Here's a short video showing how this exhaust sounds (7-speed shown):

With the PDK, the shifts sound a bit more interesting, the throttle blipping downshifts sound great.

Since only the stock center muffler is replaced (leaving the side mufflers alone), the car loses no low end torque. It can still be driven on the freeway or around town without making any additional racket. This exhaust is very quiet in overdrive gears and when the RPMs are kept below 4000 so you can sneak around when you need to or carry a conversation with your passengers. Also you can swap back to the original exhaust in about a half hour if you ever feel the need.

More info on this exhaust is available here: