2013 991 Carrera with Shark Werks Sport Exhaust, TechArt Springs & Spacers

This black Carrera 3.4 was welcome to our shop with its fun 7-speed manual gearbox and lack of sunroof - a unique and well optioned car. The ride height was a bit "monstertruckesque" and the sound was a bit too much like a Hoover for the owner's tastes. So we set out to do our little customizations:

Stock ride height:

Close up of the rear:

Close up of the front:

Measurement showed 29-inch rear and 28 inch rear height:

Into the surgery room:

Stock springs hiding in the backround:

Fast forward a few hours while the suspension comes apart and here are the TechArt rear springs installed:

These are our favorite spring kits, we find the ride quality to be very reasonable and the car responds well when you want it for more intense drives even when paired with the OEM shocks. Plus they do not sag over time like many other aftermarket springs on these cars.

Stock exhaust:

Unbolting the stock center muffler, which takes just about 15-minutes to remove:

The Shark Werks exhaust, mandrel bent free-flow design tubing allows maximum volume while keeping the stock headers/cats (ensuring no check engine lights) and stock side mufflers for a reasonable volume with no freeway drone:

And it's installed easily without removing the bumper, re-using the OEM muffler clamps, mounting brackets and location:

Here's how it sounds on the 3.4L car:

7mm spacers front and 15mm rear are installed to correct the offset from the OEM snow-chain compatible and conservative stance, as well as a little bump due to the dropped ride height/camber.

How she sits now:

After-height is about 27.25" in front and around 28" in the rear: