2015 White 991 GT3RS SharkWerks Exhaust & Tips, RSS Rollbar

This white storm-trooper 991 GT3RS came in for the local special dish known as a main course of the SharkWerks bypass exhaust, our larger 100mm tips for desert served with an RSS rollbar.

In she comes:

Up she goes...

SharkWerks exhaust gets installed in around an hour and without any bumper removal. Locks into place on to the factory mounts and slip-fits over to the side mufflers:

The stock exhaust box and tips. Although the stock center is still Ti as on previous generations it's still not any lighter than our center piece. The tips this time around are non-Ti and 88mm:

The larger SharkWerks 100mm ceramic coated tips seem to be a more preferred option on the 991 GT3RS vs the 997.2 GT3RS which came with Titanium:

Now let's tackle that interior:

Out with those seats:

A roll bar installation is certainly a bit more involving and trickier in terms of removal, modifications, trimming etc... than on the 997s. So for DIY'ers be sure to take your time and be careful:

The roll bar being pieced together!

Let's step inside our office and fire her up to test:


And now ready to go home all Sharkafied!