BremboType III 350mm Front Brake Rotor Upgrade for 996 GT3 and 997 Turbo / GT3 / RS

Product type: Brakes
  • 911 GT3 RS - 997
  • 911 GT3 - 997
  • 911 GT3 - 996
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Product Description

Brembo has released a cost-effective direct replacement and high performance two piece rotor assemblies for the track minded owner requiring a 350mm steel replacement/alternative. These assemblies use full race Type III 72 vane wide annulus rotors. This 350x34mm two-piece light weight front kit requires no modifications to fit and works with the factory 6-piston calipers. These rotors are also lighter than the factory single piece 350mm versions. Weight savings: 22.6lbs vs the stock steel rotor which is 25.5lbs

More info:
Brembo 2-piece discs are made up of an advanced cast-iron alloy which offers an exceptional coefficient of friction and resistance to thermal shock and fatigue.

As the braking system's primary function is to dissipate heat, larger, more sophisticated discs are used in order to increase the fade resistance of the system. These discs are directionally vented for enhanced cooling, and slotted for improved consistency, continuously cleaning and refreshing the pad surface.

Through Brembo's comprehensive understanding of materials and advanced design capabilities, Brembo's 2-piece discs are designed to be as lightweight as possible without compromising strength or longevity. Achieving this level of design is a capability that sets Brembo apart.

By manufacturing the center section out of precision milled billet aluminum, a great deal of weight can be saved in this key location. This reduces both unsprung and rotating weight which benefits handling, acceleration, and overall vehicle dynamics.

Superior metallurgy and exceptional engineering allow Brembo discs to excel in the most demanding conditions. Their advanced cast iron alloy lasts longer than any disc in the high performance and racing market.

Brembo's properitary floating hardware system permits a specific amount of radial and axial float which allows the disc to grow independent from the bell, averting thermal distortion when subjected to extreme temperatures. It also preloads the disc assembly to prevent premature wear and eliminate noise during street use. Brembo discs are coated with zinc ("gold" color) to provide an attractive corrosive resistant finish.

If you are replacing PCCB (ceramic) rotors (380x34mm front, 350x28mm rear) the base price for this combination is $2495. Order it here. 

Slotted Discs:

  • Slotted discs are recommended when using race pad materials or compounds. the vehicle is submitted to extreme braking duties such as towing or hauling heavy loads.
  • Improve pad “bite”, improve wet weather performance, continuously refresh the brake pad

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