GiroDisc991 2-Piece Floating Rotors (set of four) for 991 Carrera S / Carrera GTS

Product type: Brakes
  • 911 Carrera GTS - 991
  • 911 Carrera GTS - 991.2
  • 911 Carrera S - 991.2
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Product Description

Girodisc is a Braking Technology company that is dedicated to the development and manufacturing of high quality brake components and brake systems. The Girodisc products are engineered and designed for both street and track applications. Girodisc produces a comprehensive product line of two-piece floating rotors that are designed to be a direct replacement of your factory rotors. We also offer a complete line of braking components to compliment your total brake package including pads, fluids, lines and titanium shims. Girodisc rotors are manufactured to the absolute highest standards to provide you with the best braking performance available. Girodisc’s relentless pursuit of enhanced braking performance has earned the brand multiple victories in Porsche endurance racing. Girodisc combines lessons learned and the latest technologies together to develop the highest performance braking systems for your sports cars.

The Girodisc 991 front and rear rotors are manufactured and designed to be a direct factory rotor upgrade replacement. The Girodisc 991 rotors are a 2 piece floating rotor, providing improved braking performance, reduce un-sprung weight and allow you to utilize your factory calipers and e-brake. Unlike many “big brake” packages on the market, Girodisc rotors also allow you to retain your factory brake bias and outstanding pedal feel. The high quality construction and high grade material used with Girodisc rotors provide improved wear, increased rotor life, minimized coning and greater cooling efficiency. Girodisc rotors come slotted but are also available with optional drilled pattern as well as optional endurance racing hats. 

The 991 Girodisc rotors are also slightly larger than the stock rotors: 350mm front and rear. Stock size Carrera S: 340mm front, 330mm rear. Stock size Carrera 3.4: 330mm front / rear.

Does not fit 991 Carrera base model (non-S/non-GTS).

Price is for 4 (four) slotted rotors.