Tubi StyleExhaust System for Cayenne S / Turbo

Product type: Exhaust
  • Cayenne - 958
  • Cayenne - 957
  • Cayenne - 955

Product Description

The Tubi Style exhaust system for Cayenne models is tuned for sound by its makers in Italy. Constructed entirely of INOX 304 stainless steel, each system is "TIG" welded with argon gas pumped into the chambers and piping while construction is in progress. This procedure prevents warping and insures strong uncontaminated welds. Stainless steel interior silencer tubes and aerospace insulation enables increased engine performance while preventing the compromise of excessive engine resonance in the cabin.

Each free flowing exhaust is hand polished and utilizes OEM mounting points to install directly onto catalytic-equipped vehicles quickly and simply without chassis modifications. All flanges are fusion cast stainless steel, to maintain structural integrity during assembly and throughout the life of the system. The materials and construction make Tubi Style exhaust systems significantly lighter than factory OEM systems.