2011 Shark Werks Releases Magnesium RS Centerlock Wheel for GT2RS & GT3RS

instructions FOR models:
  • 911 GT3 RS 4.0 - 997.2
  • 911 GT3 RS - 997.2
  • 911 GT2 RS - 997.2

Over the last few months Shark Werks has quietly been working behind the scenes on introducing our own limited production centerlock Magnesium wheel for widebody 997.2 GT3RS and GT2RS cars. Without further adieu here she is, the Shark Werks Magnesium RS wheel in satin black:

And in also guards red:

Now about the Mg decal:
For the track-minded 911 GT3 RS and/or GT2 RS owner, the Shark Werks Magnesium RS centerlock wheel is based upon a 100% forged magnesium alloy construction, typically found only in dedicated professional race cars. The majority of forged wheels are from aluminum but for an even stronger and lighter process we opted for magnesium and utilized a sporty mesh design theme. Although magnesium is 30% less dense then aluminum by volume, and consequently lighter, its weight is only one of several performance benefits that have historically made it a material of choice for super cars (and race cars) over the years, including the Porsche 959, Carrera GT and Rally Cars.

The Magnesium Advantage
Lighter wheels reduce unsprung weight on the vehicle's suspension, allowing it to be much more responsive to changes in road (or track) conditions. Better heat conduction associated with magnesium can help dissipate heat from the brakes, which improves braking performance in more demanding driving conditions and reduces the chance of brake failure due to overheating.

Compared to aluminum, magnesium has a significantly higher fatigue strength and, more importantly, a considerably higher ultimate tensile strength. When used in wheel manufacturing, this essentially means that a greater cross-section of material can be used, effectively increasing the overall stiffness of the wheel at comparable weight. A stiffer wheel allows for much more precise steering and suspension feedback, without the loss of energy due to uncontrolled flex in the wheel. This ultimately gives the driver a more direct connection to the car and the ability to achieve a greater level of control during any driving situation.

The Shark Werks Magnesium RS Wheel is available in limited fitments for 2010-11 997.2 GT3RS and 2011 GT2RS. Available in factory-style satin black, guards red or silver finishes. Designed to work with the factory Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).

Weight Comparison vs Stock Wheels:
Front 9J x 19 19.5 vs 23 pounds
Rear 12J x 19 22.5 vs 27.5 pounds

Obviously a Magnesium wheel isn't something we release every day so I really have to thank the good folks at Champion Motorsport for their expertise, knowledge, technical insight and support. They have long been selling their line of Magnesium wheels and we couldn't have had a better partner and assistance on this project.

And installed on a MK2 GT3RS in red on the rear:

And in front:

You can see the offset is a bit more aggressive and the wheels are pushed out to the fender:

Front and rear:

For those of you that want more information (and please beg my pardon as they are certainly not a "value" wheel in terms of price) feel free to Email us to or give us a call on +1 510-651-0300.

High Resolution images available: