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We test, install, or develop in-house each product before we offer it for sale to ensure fitment, reliability, and realistic claims on performance and quality.

Sharky's note

At Shark Werks, we don’t have a “just sell everything” approach and instead have applied our experience, expertise and testing to eke out what we find to be the premier products. Whether it be an exhaust, suspension kit, wheels or horsepower packages these are all products that we use, drive and test on our own vehicles.

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction so we don’t select products based on anything other than performance, reliability, fitment and value. You are coming to Shark Werks because we have a level of expertise that allows you to bypass the lesser products on the market, choosing from a selection of tried and tested offerings. We also focus considerable attention to proper installation. Many of our vendors have adopted our installation methods because we install their products better than they can do it themselves. Others have made changes in their manufacturing process to achieve better fitment or functionality based on our feedback.

Before we introduce a new product, we test it on one or more of our shop cars. Many products never make it past this stage. If it passes our initial tests, we offer it to our “early adopter” group – longtime customers who we trust to evaluate and give objective feedback. Based on this experience, we may decide to offer it to all our customers but we continue to watch closely how products perform over time.

Any vendor can have a bad part once in a while and we work with manufacturers to improve or correct problems with their lines, but changes in manufacturing or materials or even management can result in an inferior product that would no longer be offered by Shark Werks.

If we don't offer a particular product, there is probably a good reason. For those of you that want to learn more about modifying a particular model feel free to refer to our SharkWerks Tuning & Modifications Guides.