PorscheOEM Camshaft Position Sensor Set (2X)

Product type: Maintenance
  • 911 GT3 RS 4.0 - 997.2
  • 911 GT3 RS - 997.2
  • 911 GT3 RS - 997
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Product Description

For the 2010-2011 997.2 GT3RS (and 4.0) please select 2x (four total)- all other models need 1x (two total)

When the 997 Turbo debuted in 2006, Porsche stated the spark plugs should be changed every 40,000 miles, where some service technicians told their clients as far as 60,000+ miles. We have found over the years that the 997 Turbo, especially when modified, should probably have the spark plugs changed every 15,000 to 20,000 miles, depending on usage. 

Changing the plugs is not an easy job - it can take an amateur technician 4-hours or longer. And "while in there", a pesky pair of sensors can easily be accessed that also tend to fail around 40,000 miles: the camshaft position sensors. 

There's no set interval we're aware of on these sensors, but since it's a big job to reach them, and we have seen them fail many times in the past, we recommend changing them every time you change the spark plugs (for the cautious) or every other time you change the spark plugs if you're comfortable with that.

We sell these as a pair (2X units), all you need for one vehicle.

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