PorscheOriginal Factory Coolant Hose Set (996 GT3)

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For 2004-2005 996 GT3 Models (996 GT3 Mk2)

Why would you want this? To put it lightly, a modern water-cooled Porsche engine has a plethora of rubber hoses that deteriorate and wear over time, so we always recommend replacing them when your engine is out for a major service if the vehicle is 10+ years old, or has significant mileage, track days, or heat cycles. When the rubber does eventually wear out, you may find a significant coolant leak, requiring another engine-out service for what could amount to a single rubber hose. We always replace every rubber hose in the engine when doing a major service on a vehicle of this age.

Note: For this product, we may not have the complete set ready to ship and delivery time could exceed 2-weeks depending on availability. We recommend planning ahead of time for this service. If ordered, we will update with a delivery estimate within 48-hours. Products received may include slightly different parts than what is shown but we will do our best to include every hose required.

This kit includes the 17 coolant hoses for the engine of the 996 GT3 model that are accessible with the engine out (and most are difficult to replace later), as well as the o-rings you will want to replace when servicing the oil heat exchanger and tank, and removing various parts for the coolant repair job. There may be other hoses required depending on the options of the vehicle. This will not include all hoses for the vehicle inclusive. 

We have been servicing these vehicles since they were first released to the market and have collected a list of common parts we recommend replacing at the time of an engine-out coolant service.

Included * :

  • 17 Porsche Original (new) molded Factory Coolant Hoses for the various connections inside the engine bay (engine supply, water transfer hoses, vent hoses, water pump outlet, heater hoses etc.)
  • 16 O-rings that we recommend replacing for connections to water lines, fuel injection system, water jackets and heat exchangers.
  • 4 hose clamps 

Not Included:

  • Radiator hoses for front side of the vehicle
  • Radiator fluid
  • Radiators
  • Aluminum heater hose connections

See our recommended items from the drop-down box above, and the list below for other parts you should consider replacing at this time due to the age of the vehicle.

* - Photo may not be accurate to your model/year, but we will include the correct parts for the 996 GT3 model.

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