Tuning Suspension on Shark Werks 2009 997S ZTADPOL

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Slowly but surely, we've been tinkering with our project 2009 PDK Carrera S, AKA "ZTadpol", and last last Friday, James installed the latest round of upgrades. The goal was to tighten up the car's handling and provide better road feel/feedback. It's currently with Tony at TCDesign for its new alignment.

We're now offering four new track-orientated suspension components from Road Sport Supply:

1) Adjustable Rear Link Kit

This kit replaces the four upper links (two per side) on the rear end of all 996/997 models. The RSS kit allows for sufficient adjustable camber on lowered cars (the factory adjustment is insufficient on lowered cars, resulting in improper camber settings). The links also replace the neoprene bushings with steel monoballs, reducing movement in suspension components and increasing road feedback and "feel".

RSS adjustable rear link compared with an OEM link from a 2009 Carrera S (and a hammerhead shark).

Here's a picture of this kit installed on our project car:

There is more info here on our product page:

2) Adjustable Toe Steer Kit
On lowered Porsches with a factory toe steer link, the limited adjustment results in incorrect toe geometry in the rear. This kit is designed to fix that problem. It also replaces the inner neoprene bushing with a steel monoball.

Adjustable toe steer link vs. stock

For more info on this part please see:

3) Monoball Lower Contorl Arm Bushings
This kit replaces the four pivot bushings (one per corner) on the inner side of the lower control arms with steel monoballs, increasing the precision of the pivot motion of the control arm as it travels up and down under cornering.

Note: Four are included in a set.

This is a pretty wacky picture, but to the far left you can see the bushing installed in the control arm:

On the right side of the control arm, you can see the Adjustable Thrust Arm Bushing installed.

Additional info on this item is available at:

4) Adjustable Thrust Arm Bushings

The aluminum adjustable thrust arm bushings replace the neoprene factory units on the other end (outside) of the control arms. This allows for adjustable caster.

Two are required per corner, and sold in a set of four for the front or rear.

For more info on this part, please see:

With all of these parts installed, our '09 was noticeably tightened up and has significantly improved road feedback. It's hard to determine what additional noise or discomforts may have been added by the installation, but we must re-emphasize that these are track-orientated parts and not for everyone.

You can view the suspension components for 997s here:

We will continue with update with our experience as we rack up miles on these components.

For those local to northern California, we now have all of these components installed on our shop car and can arrange for a demonstration.