2006 Cayman S with TechArt GT Sport Body, RS350 and Tubi Exhaust

The owner of this black 2006 Cayman S originally brought his car in for more power with our RS350 upgrade package, but after a bit of research he decided the car was worthy of a bigger project in TechArt's GT Sport body kit. This upgrade includes a new front bumper cover with LED daytime running lights, side skirts, a rear wing and other bits to further customize the Cayman.

He also went for a dry matte carbon fiber trim on any piece it was available: wing blade ends, gurney flap, nose vent, front lip, mirror inserts.

The car as it arrived:

On the lift it goes...

The wheels are removed first to install lowering springs:

Also, 7mm and 15mm spacers were installed (front and rear respectively) in black to give the car a more aggressive offset.

The stock intake, plenum and throttle body are removed and replaced with GT3 throttle body, EVOMSit intake and competition plenum (RS350 upgrade package):

EVOMSit software optimizes the fuel and timing maps for these changes, giving more power and better throttle response.

A Tubi exhaust is installed...

And now the fun begins. Removing the stock front bumper cover, lights etc.:

After paint, the TechArt bumper cover is prepped by installing the daytime running lights:

The lighting control modules are installed and wiring for the front bumper cover installation:

The rear wing is assembled and its components are installed:

The side skirts are carefully installed and cured overnight..

And here she is, all buttoned up and ready for duty:

And a little video so you can hear the Tubi and see the DRLs: