2006 SharkWerks Project Cayman S: RS350

The SharkWerks Project Cayman S was with us for some two years in which time she was used as the development platform for the SharkWerks/EVOMS/RSS RS350 kit. Not only was she regularly tracked but she also graced the cover of Excellence Magazine (April issue) and was received even more praise in the March issue of European Car Magazine. This was one very special Cayman S...

Not only did the press champion its winning pedigree but she recieved much acclaim on many of the Porsche forums. RS350 kits are now being installed on a regular basis... The aricle is online here:

Cayman RS350
Evolution Motorsports, Road Sport Supply and SharkWerks have collaborated on our white Cayman and we're introducting Performance Upgrade Package as a result.

The kit delivers 350 horsepower versus the factory 295 horsepower on a conservative 11% drivetrain loss and the car is a real blast to drive. We're really happy with the results and hard work the EVO/RSS crew have put in;)

The Cayman RS350 utilizing the new EVOMSit software is custom-tuned for a full Stage 1 performance upgrades, including the EVOMS V-Flow Intake, a Competition Intake Plenum with a true 82mm 997 GT3 Throttle Body Conversion Kit from IPD, and an exhaust from Cargraphic.

Pricing on RS350 Components:
• Evolution Motorsports V-Flow: $349
• EVOMSit RS350 Software: $1000
• IPD Competition Plenum and 82mm 997 GT3 Throttle Body Conversion Kit: $1295
• Cargraphic Exhaust: $2200 for Straight Tips or $2300 for Rolled Tips with Perforated Inserts

Optional Extras:
• Cargraphic Headers and 200 Cell Catalysts: $4200
• ESR Underdrive Pulley: $199
• Sharkwerks Lightweight Flywheel*: $1100

*The EVOMSit software is _specifically_ compatible with the Sharkwerks Lightweight Flywheel kit so no idle die-down issues occur.

Dynos for the Stage 2 upgrades including the Cargraphic Headers and Catalysts and ESR Underdrive Pulley will be posted in the very near future, so keep an eye on the thread! For any further questions please do not hesitate to drop us an Email to or call 510-651-0300/

EVOMSit “intelligent tuning” - EVOMSit Intelligent Tuning: www.evomsit.com
Ian, Mike, Greg/Mike/Turbo Mike @RSS and of course Todd@EVO, I can't thank you guys enough. It's been a real, real pleasure as always working together on this. Seriously, the hours of street and dyno tuning/testing you guys did to make this such a fun car has us all grinning Really great numbers on a hot day (114?) with 91 and yet still more to come..

A quick video of the car being tuned at EVO:)

There she is at the track!