2008 Cayman S, Lightweight Flywheel, Remus Exhaust & HRE C-21

We took in this classic silver 2008 Cayman S (the owner also has a 600HP Cayenne TT we built) for a full make-over including our light weight flywheel kit, full suspension and HRE wheels.

The carnage began on this silver fella as we pulled the transmission off to do the LWF. Here's some of the fun parts piling up...

On goes our lightweight flywheel kit. We've probably done 8 of these locally and sent out a few more. So far everyone loves this mod. Rev-matching is so much easier not to mention improved acceleration and dropping another 15 pounds is always a good thing. Because of the Audi transmission that we have in these cars there really isn't any noticeable transmission rattle at idle.

On go the PSS9s along with H&R front and rear sway bars

He also opted for the same Brembo F50 brakes as we have on our car...

As far the performance side, we did our usual combo of the EVOMSit flash, the EVO intake and what is currently my favorite exhaust in terms of fitment/value for money and sound (the Remus which we also have on our car now). The Remus is really well priced with tips etc.. It's louder than the MillTek we used to have so it's not for everyone obviously:

here's a few pix of the finished article parked next to our Cayman S with the RG5s (sorry took so long). The silver car went with 19 inch HRE C-21s (also super-light and what I have on the RS) although we're sticking to 18s for the RA1s.

And here she is at the track:

Notice the Cayenne in the background? This is the customer's other vehicle: another SharkWerks project.