2015 Cayman GT4 Sharkafied w/ EVOMSit, IPD Plenum & SharkWerks Tips

This gorgeous So-Cal Guards Red GT4 came into us for a bump in power/response via the IPD Competition Plenum, the EVOMSit software & BMC filters. We also added our larger stainless X-pipe tips to round off this bite-sized snack.

In she comes:

A few rear interior panels are removed to get access to the stock filter location & the engine cover:

With the engine cover now off the stock plenum and smaller throttle body are accessible:

The IPD plenum and larger thorttle body are installed along with the freer flowing BMC filters and the car is tuned via the OBDII port with the EVOMSit software:

Stock tips:

The larger SharkWerks tips:

Ready to go home: