2015 Cayman GT4 Sharkwerks LWF, Power Upgrade & Salter Uprights

This lovely optioned white GT4 came into us from way up north for the full Sharkwerks power conversion, our light weight flywheel kit & Salter Aero Uprights on Forgeline GA1-R wheels:

Arrived and on 19 inch Forgeline GA1-R's with track rubber:

The first phase is to get access to the engine and remove the cover:

Factory plenum and throttle body are removed:

And replaced with the IPD Competition plenum and larger throttle body plus the BMC filters. The car now is tuned with our EVOMSit performance software:

Then up on the lift she goes to get access to the stock manifolds & transmission removal:

Just a few parts later:

With the transmission of the stock clutch & flywheel is replaced with our 50% lighter assembly:

Removing the stock uprights requires a lot of clean up and prep work to remove the factory glue:

And now much-improved with the Salter Aero uprights:

Ready to go home: