2016 Cayman GT4 Sharkafied, Regear, LSD & Performance Kit #2

This lovely satin-white wrapped GT4 came into us bone stock to become a clone of our sivler bullet - GT4 # 2. The complete Sharkwerks regeared transmission, Guard LSD, lightweight flywheel and performance kit were added for improved response/feel and RS-like edge.

This is why:

First thing is to remove the transmission and get the process started for removal of those long gears!

A few parts later:

Out with the transmission and next we remove the stock clutch.

Ready for re-gearing and the Guard LSD installation:

Together with GT Gears & BRM we have settled on a solution that changes 3rd, 4th, and 5th gears to shorter, closer ratios (approx difference is 14% in 3rd, 18% in 4th, and 16% in 5th). This allows shifting to 3rd gear sooner when needed, or staying in 2nd til the normal shift point and jumping to a better position in the powerband in 3rd, and staying in 3rd gear in more situations (ie mid-low speed corners) with improved acceleration. By shortening 3rd, 4th, and 5th gears, you have closer ratios and stay in the powerband longer through typical top speeds. We also utilise a Guard LSD unit with 50/50 locking factor. 4 plates per side for a total of 8 plates. Moderate pre-load to make it manageable on the street and have good lifespan of internals, but still gives really good bite when driven hard on the track or backroads.

The Sharkwerks light-weight flywheel is approx 50% lighter than stock:

Performance sport headers are also installed:

Over to the intake side and with the engine cover off we remove the factory plenum and throttle body and replace it with the IPD competition plenum & 82mm throttle body kit:

The BMC filters are installed and replace the low-mileage but always dirty factory units:

Our power kit is tuned with the EVOMSit module via the OBDII port and calibrated for 91 octane:

Access to the filter on one side:

Over to the front we add the RSS Carbon Canards:

For the rear we add the SalterAero uprights with an additional 4 inches or clearance/view:

Of course no GT4 is complete without the larger SharkWerks X-pipe rear tips:

And now fully-Sharkafied with our transmission & HP upgrade this satin white Croc is ready to go home:

So what does it feel like? Let MF take you on his one-take!