BremboClub Race Front Brake System for 964

Product type: Brakes
  • 911 (964) - 964

Product Description

17-inch wheels (CUP 1/2 or custom 17 / 18-inch wheels are required for clearance of the larger rotors and calipers.

Some OEM 17-inch Porsche wheels cannot be used with these brakes.

Brembo's front Club Race Brake Upgrade offers superior performance and lower weight than OEM brakes. Designed and tested specifically for track day / canyon carving enthusiasts and for drivers who demand the utmost performance from their cars, these kits offer superlative performance for both normal driving and demanding track day sessions. We have utilized this very same kit on our on Shark Werks 964 from day 1 and on most of our customer project builds.

Brembo kits consist of cross-drilled or slotted ventilated, one-piece or composite discs and aluminium calipers with 4 pistons; a complete set of high performance pads; metal-braided hoses and high quality hardware.


  • Single piece lightweight aluminum calipers
  • Two-piece 332mmx32mm steel rotors with aluminum hats
  • High performance brake pads
  • Steel braided brake lines

The Brembo kit also reduces the unsprung mass by roughly 15 pounds 

Additional info:
Fully compatible with ABS and traction control systems
Brembo engineers design each brake upgrade specifically for your vehicle and driving conditions. Optimum brake balance is achieved by combining Brembo's thorough knowledge of OEM braking systems and use of an unlimited range of caliper, piston, and disc combinations. Brembo brake upgrades are easy to install and designed to work seamlessly with your vehicle’s stock master cylinder, ABS, and traction control system.

Brembo calipers are equipped with unique pad retaining features and sequential piston bores in order to provide even pad wear and optimum performance. 

Brembo calipers incorporate a twin seal design that restricts dirt and debris from entering the caliper body and contaminating the brake fluid. This extends caliper life by protecting the pistons and internal pressure seals and prevents the need for maintenance. Brembo calipers undergo a strict homologation process which exceeds the requirements set by OEM manufacturers.

All Brembo caliper mounting brackets are designed vehicle and system specific. They are precision milled from superior quality billet materials to ensure a precise fit and meet the strength requirements of high performance driving conditions. Brembo brackets are also further analyzed and tested to ensure fatigue life.

Brembo caliper mounting brackets are also anodized to provide an attractive finish. Each Brembo system includes all necessary hardware for ease of installation (please read instructions prior to installation).

Slotted Discs:

  • Slotted discs are recommended when using race pad materials or compounds. the vehicle is submitted to extreme braking duties such as towing or hauling heavy loads.
  • Improve pad “bite”, improve wet weather performance, continuously refresh the brake pad