CSF RadiatorsAll-Aluminum Performance Center Radiator for 997 / 997.2 GT3 / RS

Product type: Engine
  • 911 GT3 RS - 997.2
  • 911 GT3 RS - 997
  • 911 GT3 - 997.2
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Product Description

CSF Radiators produced a design that would be approximately 15% more efficient, support attachment of all stock components such as fan shrouds and A/C condensers, and most importantly, to be much more durable than the stock units. This upgrade is ideal for heavily tracked cars or for cars in hotter climates.

Also recommended: Right Side & Left Side. 

Unique B-tubing technology provides more surface area and 10% to 15% more cooling efficiency than factory units.

Durable aircraft aluminum materials and high quality craftsmanship ensures higher durability on track.

Design supports all radiator components such as fan shrouds and A/C condenser. Perfect upgrade for your street car as well