EVOMSitECU Tuning for 997.2 Turbo


Product Description

The EVOMSit 565 HP ECU Tune for the Porsche 997.2TT is an elite technology product that has been tested under the most grueling conditions during dyno test simulation as well as during real world driving on the street and track by the EVOMS team drivers as well as through their eDRIVE independent product validation program. Rigorous testing under extreme conditions has been conducted and evaluated with various fuel octane grades in the heat of the dry Arizona desert, the cool temperatures and humid weather of the California coast, the high elevation of the Colorado Mountains, the heat and ocean humidity of Mexico and the frigid elements of Minnesota. Their stringent methods used during the testing phases are on par with the testing utilized by Porsche prior to public release of new models. This stringent and grueling method of testing assures pure, crisp and consistent power in all of the conditions that drivers demand. 

Note: Additional tunes/software are available for after-market exhaust systems for an additional fee ($500).

EVOMSit ECU Tuning Features Include:

  • More Useable Power and Torque
  • Massive Torque Gains (+65 TQ) Between 3000-5000 RPMS
  • Smooth Power Delivery (+60 HP) Between 3000-5000 RPMS
  • Crisper Throttle Response
  • Improved Boost Response
  • Extensively Tested and Tuned on the Dyno, Street and Track

The EVOMSit TUNEit handheld unit is included with your ECU Tuning purchase. This unit allows you to download and install our performance software via your car's OBDII diagnostic port. Simply plug in the handheld unit via included OBDII cable, read out your file, and email it to us. (Access to an email-enabled PC with Windows operating system and USB port is done via the included USB cable.) We will email you back (usually within 24 hours) a performance file that you can upload yourself.

NOTE: Installation requires the use of an automobile BATTERY CHARGER (10+ AMP)

EVOMSit TUNEit Handheld Unit Features Include:

  • OBD Port Flash with EVOMSit GEN 2 Tuning Tool
  • Tuning Tool stores multiple Tuned files as well as Original software. At anytime, stock software can be installed without the need of internet or a laptop
  • Truly optimized power while maintaining OEM engine protection features
  • Factory smooth power delivery – most applications smoother than factory
  • Full data backup of each ECU that is upgraded
  • Diverse tuning portfolio supporting different hardware, fuel grades and climates
  • Optimized software for specific hardware
  • Integrated Intelligent Switching Technology™ (IST) with Octane Sensing Timing Advance


Press Coverage

Amazing response and punch !!

Bit scary !!

Nick P, New York (customer)