2010 997 GT3 With SharkWerks Bypass Exhaust From Germany

This 2010 MKII 997 GT3 is one of the first cars to be delivered to a customer in Germany and along with his yellow MKI GT3 friend the pair set about getting our SharkWerks Exhaust kit installed. These cars have yet to be released in the US but rest-assured when they do, our exhaust kit will be ready and available.

The two friends awaiting installation:

The whitey getting ready for surgery...

The bumper comes off...

Next the factory exhaust gets worked on...

In goes our replacement:

Securing everything down:

Shown here, the SharkWerks exhaust installed:

The Speed Yellow..

Also getting surgery at the track...

Our exhaust installed....

Comparing the two butts:

The two tails:

Ready to be driven... and hard:

Thanks to our European early-adopters, Tom & Andy!

Video showing the exhaust on our 2010 GT3 Project Car: