2011 997 GT3RS With SharkWerks Exhaust, EVOMSit & Champion RS20 Wheels

This charcoal and bronze themed 2011 RS came into us for a few choice upgrades, including the SharkWerks exhaust for the sound department, a bit more power with the EVOMSit software and a lighter set of wheels in the form of the Champion Motorsport RS20s. As part of getting ready for the track we installed the Schroth Harnesses, an RSS Rollbar and the SharkWerks Fire Extinguisher Kit.

On the deck for surgery...

Off comes the bumper:

And then the heat shields:

The titanium factory center section is removed and the SharkWerks exhaust installed in its place. There is still an 8-pound weight reduction wit our part:

The factory Titanium tips can be re-used with our exhaust system:

A close-up of the light-weight single piece Champion RS20 wheel in the rear:

Bumper back on... this car came from Champion Porsche in Florida originally...

On goes the EVOMSit software calibrated for 91 octane. The sport function is still retained with both settings getting more aggressive throttle maps.

The stock interior before the addition of the Rennline pedal kit...

Now with the Rennline pedal kit:

Clear side markers are added:

Before we can install the roll bar out come the seats:

In goes the RSS Rollbar:

The seats and hardware being installed:

With the seats installed along with the submount brackets the fire extinguisher mount is also installed:

The end result with the SharkWerks Fire Exinguisher kit (in red) installed with the 6-point Schroth harnesses:

A few choice suspension upgrades are also on tap including our upgraded rear links. Shown in stock form first:

Upgraded rear links installed:

And our adjustable toe steer/bump steer kit:

Ready for a test drive...

Rear RS20 wheel:

She's still on-going and next up are the Schroth Harnesses, some track-themed suspension components, an RSS rollbar and SharkWerks FE kit.